If you prefer to lie down when sunbathing, regularly changing sides helps you get a more even tan.

Sola automatically computes different flipover frequency options depending on how long you intend to sunbathe.

Do not be confused by seeing only odd numbers of flips. The math is easy – if you flip over 3 times, that means you sunbathe each side of your body twice.

For example:

  • you start by lying on your back;
  • then do your 1st flip-over;
  • lie on your tummy;
  • do your 2nd flip-over;
  • lie on your back again;
  • do your 3rd (last) flip-over;
  • finish the session lying on your tummy.

If you selected Flips for your sunbathing session and chose to use the Timer, it will remind you when to flip over.

Please note that for the Timer alerts to function, you have to enable Notifications for this app in Settings.