Sunscreen is a topical product such as lotion, spray, or gel, designed to protect human skin from UV radiation and sunburn.

Not all sunscreens are created equal. Some only protect from medium-wave UVB radiation but do not block long-wave UVA. Therefore it is important to look for “Broad Spectrum” sunscreens that protect from both types of UV light.

Sunscreen products normally have an SPF number, which stands for Sun Protective Factor. It represents the effectiveness of the sunscreen in delaying sunburn.

For example, if an individual’s skin normally develops a sunburn after 10 minutes of UV exposure, the same person wearing a sunscreen with SPF 30 under the same sunlight intensity will take 300 minutes to get a sunburn (10 minutes multiplied by a factor of 30 equals 300 minutes).

Sola pre-calculates your daily UV dose for each SPF option. If you don’t see a particular SPF number in the list, you can add one by using the “Add a custom SPF” textbox.

You can also delete an SPF if you no longer need it by swiping the SPF cell to the left.

As always, use your best judgement when choosing and using sunscreen products. And remember to apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes before going out in the sun for best results. You can set a reminder to re-apply sunscreen by using the “Remind to reapply sunscreen” stepper at the bottom of the screen.