Welcome to Sola – Sun UV & Vitamin D Timer

Sunlight enhances your mood, relieves stress, improves sleep, and triggers vitamin D production. But too much sun exposure increases your chances of sunburns and skin cancer.

Sola calculates and tracks how much sun exposure you are getting based on current UV index forecast, your skin type, any existing tan, sunscreen SPF, and more.

Sola features a convenient Timer that reminds you when to re-apply sunscreen, when you need to get out of the sun, etc.

It also comes with an Apple Watch extension so that you can manage your UV exposure right on your wrist.

Sola optionally integrates with Apple Health app, specifically to read your Fitzpatrick Skin Type and to keep track of UV index that you were exposed to.

Also included now is Vitamin D tracking.

Lastly, thanks to its monochrome themes, you can actually interact with the app in bright sunlight, especially if you are wearing sunglasses.

Update 3.6.1 released in App Store that fixes crashes at app start

Updated post (2024-03-09 3:00PM CST): New update of Sola (v. 3.6.1) with fixes has been released in App Store. Make sure to update Sola through App Store, unless you enabled automatic updates for the app. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!
Original post (2024-03-09 9:00AM CST): As of this morning, new crashes have been reported. Appears to affect users who have installed the latest iOS 17.4. Actively working on a resolution.

Stability issues after iOS upgrades

UPDATE 6/12/2023: the crashes have been fixed as of the 2.14 release from June 1, 2023. Thanks for your patience!
I’ve been made aware of some crashes reported by a few users. Actively looking into the issue. Apologies for the frustrations caused by it

Daylight Savings issue

Today by accident I discovered that Daylight Savings knocked out one hour from the Start/End time picker controls in Sola, with crippling effects on usability. This only happens once a year in the spring when we lose one hour to Daylight Savings. Will deploy the fix soon. In the meantime, apologies to all users who experienced the issue.