Stability issues after iOS upgrades

UPDATE 6/12/2023: the crashes have been fixed as of the 2.14 release from June 1, 2023. Thanks for your patience!
I’ve been made aware of some crashes reported by a few users. Actively looking into the issue. Apologies for the frustrations caused by it

Daylight Savings issue

Today by accident I discovered that Daylight Savings knocked out one hour from the Start/End time picker controls in Sola, with crippling effects on usability. This only happens once a year in the spring when we lose one hour to Daylight Savings. Will deploy the fix soon. In the meantime, apologies to all users who experienced the issue.

Vitamin D Tracking

Added a new feature to the app that tracks vitamin D production. If you haven’t downloaded the app, give it a try – first week FREE!